One Shopping Cart per Minute Campaign: One Shopping Cart per Minute
Clients: Carrefour, Real.
Countries: Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Poland.

"One Shopping Cart per Minute", with more than a dozen experiences around the world and several international awards, has generated significantly sales increases and achieved great impact on communication and customer promotional credibility.

What is "One shopping chart per Minute" about?

This campaign encourages customers to increase their purchases at the store, due to the hope of getting their purchase for free… every minute. "One shopping cart per minute" creates a striking amusement in the stores, as the draw is live and broadcasted online in every store, which causes credibility and excitement in the participants. This multimedia campaign gets all the stores online (it has been done simultaneously up to in 216 hypermarkets with 30 million participants in one month) distributing with our software the prizes among all. Every minute a customer earns the full purchase price plus millions of smaller prizes. Customers can view live images and data from the winners by the minute, as well as how much they won.


This campaign has been awarded worldwide, including the Gold Award for Best Retail Promotion in Europe (PMC) and the Globes Awards for the best promotion in retail in the world (WAAP - USA). It has achieved historical records of market share in some countries and growths up to 30% in same store sales. For more information about the case, you can e-mail us to:
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