Magic Code Campaign: Magic Code.
Clients: Walmart, Carrefour, Champion, Stock, Panda.
Clients TV: Telecinco, SBT, Record, Telefuturo, RTL TVI, VIJF TV, Kanal D, Mega, América TV, Mediaset, Saudi TV.

Countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Switzerland, Poland, Saudi Arabia.

"The Magic Code" is the most awarded retail campaign in the last years.

Developed more than 25 times, in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America, in 10 different languages and awarded around the world, this campaign received a very high acceptance by the consumer, who values especially its modernity and the attractive prizes involved.

How does it work?

"The Magic Code" is a device with an encrypted legend. When put into contact with a particular show broadcasted by TV, the legend is decrypted and reveals immediately if the participant has obtained a prize or not.

The campaign is based on a strategic alliance between a TV station and a retailer. Both partners generate cross traffic. The retailer gets more traffic and more sales, the TV channel increases its ratings and gets more investment from advertisers.

The customers who shop at the retailer get the "Magic Codes" and then must watch certain TV shows of the associated station in order to find out if they got a prize or not. In turn, the TV channel promotes the shopping at the retailer, where the audience can obtain the "Magic Codes" and its great prizes.


This campaign has obtained more than 14 international awards, including the Silver one at the Globes Awards for the best multidisciplinary campaign of the world. In the case of the TV channel, it has generated big audience increases, obtaining the leadership in many opportunities, particularly Telecinco, which beat a historical record, producing the biggest gap in audience share versus its second competitor, during this campaign. In the case of the retailer, it achieved historical records of market share, with sales increases of up to 45%. For more information about the case, please send an email to
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