Guillermo Lobos

Industrial Engineer (ITBA) and MBA (IAE), began his career in 1991 in Telef├│nica de Argentina, in the commercial area, at Customer Service of large customers.

In 1993 he joined the Argentinean branch of the Chilean Group Dib as sales manager. Dib is a leader company in the decoration business, with offices in South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico. In 1995 he assumed the position of Commercial Director of the company, and two years after was promoted to CEO, running the operation in Argentina. Under his leadership, the company grew considerably, both in sales and number of employees, from 50 to 160 people employed.

In 2005, decided to become a partner of Brand Value, serving as Managing and Commercial Director, leaving Argentina and changing his residence to Spain.

Name: Guillermo Lobos
Corporate Position:: Director

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